2018 Honda PCX150

Freedom has rarely been this much fun.

Right brain, meet left brain. The right brain is all about the fun things in life. The left brain is all about logic. So how do you keep both sides happy? Simple: just choose a 2018 Honda PCX150.

We all need a way to get around, so let’s head over to the left brain and start with the practical parts. First, as you’d expect, the PCX150 offers some awesome fuel efficiency. How awesome? An estimated fuel economy of 100 miles per gallon!** Next, it’s loaded with smart features like integrated, lockable underseat storage for all your stuff. Its effortless Honda automatic transmission means no shifting ever, not even into park or neutral. It’s freeway legal, and offers Honda’s unmatched reputation for engineering quality.

Now, time for the right brain. How about having some fun? The PCX150 has you covered there, because riding it is a blast. Then there’s the beauty side of things, and the PCX hits a home run in that department too. The crisp bodywork looks great, and there’s plenty of room to share the fun with a passenger.

So check out a Honda PCX150, and turn just getting around into the best part of your day.


  • ELECTRIC START: Turn the key, press the button and the PCX150’s fuel-injected engine fires right up and runs smooth, even in colder weather.
  • 12-VOLT ACCESSORY ADAPTOR: The PCX150’s integral 12-volt adaptor has a convenient charging point for personal electronics.
  • DUAL HEADLIGHTS: One of the first things you’ll notice about the PCX150 is its dual LED headlights. In addition to being a big element in the PCX150’s bold style, the dual headlights provide ample lighting and aid visibility.
  • FRESH STYLE: A glance will tell you that the PCX150 is a great looking machine. Look at the way that bodywork flows together, highlighted by its cool color options!
  • FUEL CAPACITY: The PCX150 is incredibly fuel efficient–an estimated fuel economy of 100 miles per gallon.** Its large fuel tank means you can go even longer and ride even further between fill-ups.
  • RIDER COMFORT: That long, plush seat does more than just look comfortable—it's probably nicer than that sofa in your living room. The stepped passenger section gives your copilot a better view.
  • UNDER-SEAT STORAGE: Flip the seat open and you have room for a full-face helmet or an evening’s worth of groceries. The main compartment locks for security and is weather-resistant, too. There's even a second compartment in the dash for your phone, wallet, etc
  • PGM FUEL-INJECTED ENGINE: The PCX150 features liquid cooling and Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) for great performance in all traffic conditions. Plus the PCX offers impressive fuel efficiency.
  • V-MATIC TRANSMISSION: With the Honda V-Matic automatic transmission, just start the engine, twist the gas and go. That means no shifting, ever—you concentrate on the road ahead and enjoy the ride! The V-Matic is a continuously variable design, so you'll never feel it lurch from one gear to another.
  • EASY TO PARK: The PCX150 gives you the choice of both a sidestand and a centerstand. That makes it easy to park for a fast dash into a store (the sidestand) or when you need to park it upright in a tighter space (the centerstand). With a lot of other scooters, you only get one or the other.

General Information

Manufacturer Honda
Model Year 2018
Model PCX150
Model Code PCX150J
Color Pearl White



Front - Single 220 mm disc with three-piston caliper and CBS

Rear - Drum with CBS


Front - 90/90-14

Rear - 100/90-14


Weight Curb - 295 lb.
Wheelbase 51.8 in.
Seat Height 29.9 in.

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine Single-cylinder four-stroke, 2-valve SOHC
Displacement 153 cc
Bore x Stroke 58 x 57.9 mm
Compression Ratio 10.6:1
Fuel Capacity 2.1 gal
MPG Rating 100
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Cooling liquid
Transmission Honda V-Matic belt-converter automatic transmission
Fuel System PGM-FI with automatic enrichment



Front - 31 mm hydraulic fork; 3.9 in. of travel

Rear - Twin shock, 3.1 in. of travel


Additional Colors

Dark Pearl Blue

Pearl White

Warranty One year transferable, unlimited-mileage, limited warranty

MSRP excludes destination charge. Visit powersports.honda.com to view applicable destination charge amount.

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, EYE PROTECTION AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING. NEVER RIDE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL, AND NEVER USE THE STREET AS A RACETRACK. OBEY THE LAW AND READ THE OWNER'S MANUAL THOROUGHLY. For rider training information or to locate a rider training course near you, call the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at 1-800-446-9227. PCX is a registered trademark of the Honda Motor Co., Ltd.