2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R

2017 GSX-R1000R

It has been three decades, with more than a million editions sold, since the GSX-R line was born. And a decade and a half has elapsed since the first GSX-R1000 transformed the open sportbike class forever. Now, the 2017 GSX-R1000R is redefining what it means to be The King of Sportbikes.

This motorcycle’s chassis forms the lightest, the most compact, the most aerodynamic and the best-handling GSX-R1000 ever. Cradled in the new aluminum frame is an all-new engine that uses an exclusive Variable Valve Timing and Ride-by-Wire throttle bodies for a wide spread of power while delivering smooth and precise throttle response.

Using an Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) the GSX-R1000R’s advanced electronics package includes selectable performance modes so the motorcycle enhances and fine tunes rider inputs. The six-axis IMU lets the GSX-R1000R recognize its position on the street or race track to help the rider achieve an extraordinary level of riding performance.

Up front, new style BREMBO T-drive brake rotors grasped by Monobloc calipers connected to the exclusive Suzuki Motion Track Anti-lock Brake system provides strong, controlled braking. The precise and smooth SHOWA Balance Free suspension keeps the sticky Bridgestone RS10 tires in touch with the road. All of this forward-looking motorcycle technology is covered in all-new, wind tunnel-developed bodywork that’s uniquely GSX-R.

The King of Sportbikes is back, bow to the King.

Chassis Features

  • BREMBO Radial Mount Brake Calipers provide the rider with strong braking performance combined with superb feel. The GSX-R1000 rider will be able to sense the braking force as the lever is squeezed.
  • The new BREMBO T-drive Brake Rotors feature two methods of attaching the 320 mm floating disc to the carrier. There are five conventional floating rotor spools that maintain the rotor’s relationship to the caliper, and there are five new-design T-drive fasteners that enable the rotor to absorb more braking energy that a disc with conventional spools alone. As a result of the larger diameter discs, and the energy they can absorb, the new GSX-R1000 has more braking force available to the rider than ever before.
  • The front brakes are complemented by a 240 mm rear disc brake with a NISSIN single-piston caliper to help make sure you can have controlled stops.
  • Exclusive to Suzuki, the new Motion Track Anti-lock Brake System brings additional control to anti-lock braking (ABS). Like a conventional ABS system, the Motion Track Brake System provides the appropriate amount of braking force for the available traction. When the IMU detects the rear wheel lifting up from extreme braking forces, the ABS control module will adjust the front brake pressure to reduce the rear wheel lift. If the IMU senses the motorcycle is leaned over when the brakes are used, the ABS unit will adjust the brake pressure to an optimal amount to help maintain good braking force and tire grip.
  • Unique to Suzuki, new lightweight six-spoke wheels reduce unsprung mass and have been designed to handle the braking and drive forces that a GSX-R1000R can create.
  • The track-day ready Bridgestone RS10 low mass tires, with a new higher 55% profile in the back, are premium high-grip radials that achieve excellent handling and stability.
  • Aerodynamic Bodywork was created by Suzuki styling designers and engineers using numerous wind tunnel tests to achieve a slippery shape and compelling appearance. Narrower than ever before, the GSX-R1000R’s shape directly aids performance by improved handling and top speed on the racetrack.
  • The new SRAD intake ducts are positioned closer to the center of the fairing nose, where air pressure is highest. The intake ducts are also larger, thanks to the compact LED headlight.
  • The reasonable sport riding position is created by a carefully crafted relationship between the clip-on’s, footrests and seat. The top of the fuel tank is lowered 21 mm to make it easier for the rider to tuck in on a racetrack straightaway.
  • The seat height is an appropriate 825 mm (32.48 in.) and contributes the good rider interface that aids in guiding the motorcycle on the road or race track.
  • The passenger seat can be removed and exchanged with an optional, color-matched solo tail cowl.
  • The shifter and rear brake pedal are adjustable in relationship to the footrests, and the hand controls are adjustable in relation to the grips. The front brake lever has a slot machined in the end to prevent wind pressure from applying the front brake. Special GSX-R1000R logos are applied to the tail section of the motorcycle denoting its unique capabilities and status.
  • The blue GSX-R1000R features a paint and graphics scheme that looks as if it was directly lifted from Suzuki’s race-winning MotoGP bike.
  • The black GSX-R1000R model features tri-color blue Suzuki Racing Heritage stripes on the fairing, sparkling blue wheels, and blue-anodized outer tubes on the SHOWA BFF fork.

Electrical Features

  • The new LCD Multi-function Instrument Panel was inspired by the GSX-RR MotoGP dash, and is laid out so the rider can quickly acquire the tachometer bar, speedometer digits, and other operational information that’s essential - especially at racetrack speeds. The GSX-R1000R ABS’s panel, with a unique black face with white digit display, is a critical interface as it provides setting information bike’s advanced electronic rider aids.
  • The new LED headlight is lightweight, bright and distinctive. This low-electric draw light has a narrow, stacked shape to allow the SRAD ducts at the nose of the fair access to the high pressure air created at higher speeds.
  • LED Combination Tail & Brake Light has a very low electrical draw and the vertically stacked shape permits the tail section to be narrow for better air flow at the back of the motorcycle. License plate is also illuminated by an LED light.
  • A pair of distinctive, arched LED Position Lights accent the top edge of the SRAD ducts in the fairing nose to increase visibility and add to the motorcycle’s unique character.
  • The Turn Signals are lightweight and use incandescent bulbs with amber lenses so the motorcycle’s turn indication is highly visible to other traffic.
  • New poly-function Start / Stop Switch combines the engine stop and start functions. The switch is a fine complement to the Suzuki Easy Start system fitted to the GSX-R1000.
  • A race-ready, lightweight battery has reduced mass that is beneficial for use in closed course competition, and has ample capacity to electric start the engine and supply power to the advanced electronics.

General Information

Manufacturer Suzuki
Model Year 2017
Model GSX-R1000R
Model Code GSX-R1000RAZL7
Color Glass Sparkle Black



Front - Brembo 4-piston, disc, twin, ABS equipped

Rear - Nisson, 1-piston, disc single, ABS-quipped


Front - Bridgestone RS10, 120/70ZR17 M/C 58W tubeless

Rear - Bridgestone RS10, 190/55ZR17 M/C 73W tubeless


Length Overall - 81.7 in. (2,075 mm)
Height Overall - 45.1 in. (1,145 mm)
Width Overall - 27.8 in. (705 mm)
Weight Curb - 448 lb. (203 kg)
Ground Clearance 5.1 in. (130 mm)
Wheelbase 55.9 in. (1,420 mm)
Seat Height 32.5 in. (825 mm)


Transmission 6-speed, constant mesh, cassette-style
Final Drive Chain, #525


Lighting LED


Engine 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, DOHC
Displacement 999.8 cc
Bore x Stroke 2.992 x 2.169 in. (76 x 55.1 mm)
Compression Ratio 13.2:1
Fuel System Suzuki fuel injection with Ride-by-Wire 46 mm throttle bodies
Fuel Capacity 4.2 gal. (16 l)
Ignition Electronic, transistorized
Clutch Wet, multi-plate type
Cooling Liquid
Lubrication Wet sump


Starting Electric

Front - SHOWA BFF, inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped

Rear - SHOWA BFF-Lite Shock, link type, coil spring, oil damped

Instrumentation Full LCD with black face


Additional Colors

Metallic Triton Blue

Glass Sparkle Black


Motion Track Traction Control System (MT-TCS)

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) - Six direction, three axis motion

New three mode, Suzuki Drive Mode Selector

Bi-directional Quick-shift System

Suzuki Launch Control System

Warranty 12 month unlimited mileage limited warranty.